The NEL Group was founded in the early 1980's with a vision to provide expertise in both telecommunications and the broadcasting industries, in light of newly emerging technologies led by the proliferation of fiber optic technologies. NEL realised that the rapid evolution of this technology would facilitate the convergence of these traditional technologies, thus creating for itself a unique market place.

Having matured over the past 20 years, NEL is now capable of providing world class network design and engineering consultancy, market identification, project management, installation testing and commissioning of any type of communications systems, from the conventional copper systems, to today's more advanced fiber optic Systems, to tomorrow's wireless systems.

NEL is staffed with highly trained professional engineers and technologists who have extensive backgrounds in telephony, cable television, data systems mobile systems and system construction. As such, NEL is extremely well positioned to take advantage of a changing marketplace. It is equally well versed in telephony data systems and cable television, and assists carriers in providing the trunking facilities, distribution access network system, and the subscriber interconnection points.

Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, The NEL Group also offers business development services in telecommunications. This includes market research, financial planning and forecasting, communications industry analysis, business evaluations, and professional services in technical and regulatory aspects of mergers and acquisitions. NEL has also been the prime consultant and architect for several successful bids for major market cable franchises in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Pacific Basin.

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Scarborough, Ont.
M1H 2X1
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