The NEL Group of companies is uniquely situated within the Telecomunications and Multimedia Networking markets. NEL group is the leading Canadian consulting firm, that had expertise in all of the emerging Multimedia Networking fields. The NEL Group provides technical, design and implementation expertise to a national and international client base, through its operating subsidiaries:

NEL Network Engineering Limited
International Network Consultants
GNX Network Expertise Inc
Electrical Network Engineering Services Ltd

The NEL Group is a privately owned Canadian consulting and communication Systems integration company, which offers a variety of professional services to the fast changing information technology industries. Our expertise includes planning and designing of communication networks for Cable Television Systems, major market telecommunications systems including fiber optic network wide band communications systems, local area networks (LAN's), wide area networks (WAN's), metropolitan area networks (WAN's), Land Mobile and microwave and satellite systems. The Group also has recognized expertise in the design and construction of freeway traffic management systems and fiber optic fed video and data networks.

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