Private Networks

NEL has under taken several projects involving the planning and design of private networks, distribution voice and data. These range from large scale optical fiber networks serving metropolitan areas to broadband networks serving individual schools, universities, and government buildings. In addition, local area networks (LAN's) have been evaluated and designed for various clients. Clients requesting LAN design have included IBM who required a proposal for their Canadian Headquarters which included approximately 1200 stations.


NEL is fully capable and accurate assessment of microwave viability for current and forecasted requirements as well as the engineering of new systems or the addition of existing systems. We are experienced in multi - channel and multi - point distribution systems, and can complete the preliminary planning and frequency coordination as well as the final design and project implementation. Working both at home and abroad has developed NEL's experience in microwave. Clients include the Val Gagn J Communications Association in Northern Ontario, for the installation of Canada's FIRST privately owned M\IDS system.

Microwave Installation
Land Mobile Systems

NEL has experience in the field of land mobile systems. Over the years NEL has completed spectrum studies for Industry Canada, user requirements and needs in the band of frequencies' VHF, UKEE, PCS. Both public services providers and private companies have retained NEL to perform technical studies in that field.

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Fiber optic Integration

A subsidiary company called GNX, specializes in fiber optic telecommunications and video surveillance. GNX has expertise in voice, video and data communications networking. Whereas NEL is essentially an engineering and design company, GNX specializes in projects management and installation. GNX has become an industry leader in the provisioning of Freeway Traffic Management systems for the Ministry of Transportation for the Government of Ontario, including the fiber, data and video components. In addition GNX has specialized staff to splice fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial cable, terminate, test and fault locate, install electronic components, and commission an entire telecommunications systems.


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