Broadband Network Design:

Over the years NEL has provided planning and design services for Canada's multiple system cable operators. Major clients include Rogers Communications Inc., Videotron Limited (Montreal), Shaw Cable TV Limited, CUC Broadcasting Limited, Cablecasting Limited, Maclean Hunter Cable Limited, Cablenet Limited, and Classic Communications Limited. Our services include new construction, plant upgrades and system rebuilds of aerial, buried or underground plant, involving both fiber optic and coaxial networks.

NEL performs the complete design for the cable companies. The planning, designing, project manager, and inspection of the cable plant are all completed in a highly professional manner. Over the past 12 years NEL has designed new or upgraded CATV systems for over one million subscribers.


NEL has worked extensively for Bell Canada for 8 consecutive years, by providing them assistance to its outside Plant Divisions in engineering and designing their feeder and distribution networks for new subdivisions, as well as the network modernization to accommodate increased demand for voice and data circuits. In addition NEL is an approved contractor for major US telephone companies including US West. NEL has also undertaken major cable and telecommunications network design projects for British Telecom in Hong Kong. As with Broadband, we offer a comprehensive network planning and design service, encompassing field survey, design, preparation of construction plans and all documentation required for right of way, budgeting and control.

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In - Building Distribution

NEL is highly experienced in planning and designing voice and coaxial cable systems serving high - rise residential and commercial buildings. The work may require the construction of a completely new network inside the building or upgrading the existing system. In particular, many buildings that were initially wired for bulk billed cable services now require conversion to an individually billable architecture. This is done through either a complete rewire or by the implementation of addressable tap systems which permit the cable operator to remotely and authorize reception by individual subscribers.


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